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Application and Room Features


a) Before September 15 shall pay one-month housing fee which is clearly stated in the Housing Contract.

b) Students who check-out of the Dormitory after September 15 shall pay the total housing fee for the period during which they stayed in the dormitory as well as the for the current month, and up to 50% of housing fee (up to 40% if they can certify that they have registered in one of the student dormitories run by the Ministry) for the remaining months.

c) Students who receive a penalty of expulsion shall be charged for the months they stayed at the dormitory, the full amount of the current month, and up to 60% of the accommodation fee for the remaining months. Such students will be given a refund (the remaining amount after deducting the deposit and fee paid (in cash) for the months during which the student stayed in the dormitory) within one month of their check-out. And the Housing Contract of the student will be terminated as well. In calculations to be made according to this article, the monthly fee determined specifically for the student in the housing contract shall be taken as a basis